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Fuel Injector O-Ring Seal Kit for RC Fuel Injectors Models SH SL PL for Honda

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Type: Fuel Injector O-ring Seal Kit

Vendor: The Injector Shop

Product Description

Fuel Injector O-Ring Seal Kit for RC Performance Injectors
RC Injector Models SH SL and PL for Honda top injectors
Flow ratings 310cc, 330cc, 550cc, 750cc, 1000cc, 1200cc
Honda and Acura vehicles from 1988 to 2002

Parts included in this kit are shown and include:

4 - Green Upper Viton O-rings
4 - Black Upper Viton O-rings
4 - Lower Insulator Grommet
4 - Blue Bottom Viton O-rings

This Injector Shop kit will service up to 4 RC performance fuel injectors as pictured and described. Please make sure that your injectors are as pictured and the components in this kit are the same as your injectors.

This kit includes both possible sized fuel injector to fuel rail o-rings

Fuel Injectors shown in pictures are not included in sale, they are for reference only.

Injector plastic components and o-rings can vary in color from listing pictures.