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Bosch Type 3 Fuel Injector | Lower O-Ring Retainer Pintle Cap Kit | Set of 8

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Type: Fuel Injector Pintle Cap

Vendor: The Injector Shop

Product Description

Bosch Type 3 Fuel Injector Bottom O-Ring Retainer | Pintle Cap | Repair Kit

Bosch Type 3 fuel injectors have a plastic lower o-ring retainer which provides retaining support for the upper fuel rail o-ring. There are 3 different retainers that were used by Bosch on these type 3 injectors. This retainer is the universal "hat" style retainer. It will replace all styles used. 

This Injector Shop repair kit contains 8 new universal hat style plastic lower o-ring retainers and will service up to 8 Bosch Type 3 fuel injectors.

Fuel Injector in picture is for reference only, it is not included in the sale.