Caveat Emptor......Let the buyer beware

Have you been shopping for new injectors lately? You have shopped the big online marketplaces and find that you can get a complete set of new injectors for sometimes less than it costs for just one at the local dealer or auto parts store. WOW.....what a great deal you think......but let the buyer beware!

Online marketplaces are absolutely FULL of really cheap fuel injectors. I have seen all the ads myself, ads that claim injectors to be "OEM", or "flow tested". I have also seen those same injectors in my shop, and will be the first to admit that they really do look good, but they more often than not do not flow to the OEM standard. I mean C'mon you really think an injector that sells retail for less than 10 dollars is really manufactured to the same quality standard that the OEM injector was.....NO!!!

Look, I get it, it's sometimes very difficult to pay way more for something when a cheaper alternative is available, but what is everything else worth to you? What's your time worth? What's your engine worth? What's your car worth? I hear horror stories ALL THE TIME from customers that have had issues with these injectors not working and creating re-work, frustration, and sometimes damage.

So what is the alternative?
The most cost effective way is to have your OEM injectors professionally tested and cleaned to bring them back to OEM flow standards. We perform that service here utilizing precision electronic flow benches and ultrasonic cleaning. All injectors completing this service are shipped back to you with a full flow report and warranty of operation.

So I leave you with this......Let the Buyer Beware!
Understand if you decide to purchase these cheap injector alternatives that you are buying just that....Cheap parts that are responsible to electronically deliver fuel under high pressure at a very precise amount. If you must go this route I would highly recommend to have the injectors flow tested before you install them. At my shop a set of 6 new injectors would be fully tested for under 40 dollars. I don't think that to be expensive compared to re-working the installation when the engine has a drive-ability issue after installation. Do you? Let me know.



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