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GDI Fuel Injectors Testing and Rebuilding for Range Rover Jaguar 5.0L 0261500105

GDI Fuel Injectors Testing and Rebuilding for Range Rover Jaguar 5.0L 0261500105

Type: Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning

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Jaguar Land Rover GDI Fuel Injector Rebuild and Testing Service
Bosch GDI Injector 0261500105
Jaguar and Land Rover 5.0L applications
Customer supplied injectors

The Injector Shop GDI rebuild service consists of:


  1. Removal of serviceable o-rings, compression seals, seals, micro filters, and spacer components
  2. Pressurized back flush
  3. 3 stage heated ultrasonics

OEM Injector specific operating pressure testing

  1. R2LC electrical test for kΩ /µF, Ω/µH
  2. CFL check for leaks (injector internal or external)
  3. NLT nozzle leakage test at high pressure
  4. iVM (FL, PL, EM, LL, PI) injector volume measuring test
    1. Full load
    2. Part load
    3. Emissions
    4. Low Load
    5. Pre/Post Injection
  5. Real time oscilloscope testing

Parts Replacement

  1. Fuel rail O-Rings and split spacer
  2. Compression seals installed and sized with proper tooling
  3. Retaining clip supplied


  1. Each injector will be returned with an easy to track color report documenting all test conditions.

Price is per injector sent in.

The Injector Shop Testing Difference:

Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is the newest fuel injection system to be extensively used in automotive applications. In a GDI system, gasoline is directly injected into the combustion chamber at very high pressures (typically around 350 BAR or 5000+ PSI) to overcome the high cylinder pressures seen in the combustion chamber. In contrast, port injection systems inject fuel into the intake plenum behind the intake valves at a much lower pressure (typically up to 4 BAR / 58PSI). GDI systems allow the automotive manufactures to tune GDI equipped vehicles for increased performance while increasing fuel economy, reducing emissions, and reducing combustion chamber temperatures.

Because of this major operational difference between GDI and port fuel injectors, The Injector Shop only tests GDI fuel injectors on the GDI specific flow benches, we DO NOT test GDI injectors on port fuel injector benches like the very common ASNU or GB models that most of our competitors use. All GDI fuel injectors are tested at actual operating pressures, against OEM injector number specific test plans. Flow measurement is done by measuring actual flow volume on a shot-to-shot basis through very sophisticated and accurate flow instrumentation. A purpose built, liquid filled viewing chamber is used to safely analyze spray patterns and leak down at operating pressures. Performance to OEM test plans are documented and provided back to the customer with a 100% guarantee that the GDI injectors have been tested to the part number standard at real operating conditions. This is something that ASNU (or similar) port fuel injector benches simply cannot do, which means that test reports from a port fuel injector bench represent nothing but a number that DOES NOT align to any OEM operational standard.

The Injector Shop has invested in the proper, precision test equipment to safely and accurately test GDI fuel injectors at operating conditions, and be able to provide our customers this next level service.
The Injector Shop will never guess whether your GDI fuel injectors are performing to OEM standard, and will never tell you a story about how low-pressure testing is accurate. The Injector Shop will provide our valued customers with what they deserve, economical, accurate, and professional service on your GDI fuel injectors.

Don't buy cheap offshore made GDI injectors, have your OEM cores rebuilt!

Turnaround time is typically 2 business days on GDI services.

Please refer to the manufacture repair manuals for removal and re-installation requirements for GDI injectors.

This service carries a 1-year warranty. At any time in the 1-year coverage you can send the injectors back for testing and cleaning. The warranty does not cover any electrical issues or damage to the injector that may occur during use or installation and does not include return shipping from The Injector Shop.

Special note on shipping injectors to The Injector Shop:
Make sure to remove as much fuel as possible from the fuel injectors before shipping. Place injectors in a seal able plastic bag as necessary to stop any residual fuel and or fuel odor from leaking into your packaging. Make sure your packaging and taping methods secure the packaging well. If you are using the common and economical USPS small flat rate box, MAKE SURE YOU ALSO USE PACKING TAPE TO SEAL THE BOX. DO NOT RELY ON JUST THE ADHESIVE STRIP TO SECURE!!

UPS return shipping options available at checkout.

When shipping injectors to us please include the following information:

Return address
Contact phone or email
Year, make, model


The Injector Shop
19407 99th AVE SE
Snohomish WA 98296

Fuel injectors and testing equipment in pictures are not sold in this sale, they are for reference only. This sale is for the testing, cleaning, and rebuilding of customer supplied Jaguar or Land Rover GDI fuel injectors.

This service is available for many other GDI applications. Please feel free to message us with your application for availability of service.

Feel free to message us with any questions you may have before you buy. We will be very happy to help!

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