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Fuel Injectors Repair Rebuild Seal Kit for Jaguar Land Rover 3.0L 2013-2016

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Type: GDI Fuel Injector Repair Kit

Vendor: The Injector Shop

Product Description

GDI Fuel Injector Rebuild Repair Kit 

Jaguar XF 2013-2015
Jaguar XJ 2013-2016
Jaguar F-Type 2014-2016
Land Rover Range Rover including Sport 2014
Land Rover LR4 2014-2015

Engine: 3.0L SC

Injector #:
0261500296, 62820, AJ813715, LR041652, AJ813643, C2Z18366, LR105431, LR067418, LR079541, LR105430, LR078959

Kit Includes:
6 - Upper Fuel Rail Viton O-Rings
6 - Upper O-Ring spacer
6 - Injector Retainer Clips
6 - Compression Seals

This Injector Shop kit will service up to 6 Bosch GDI fuel injectors for listed Jaguar Land Rover applications.

Fuel Injectors in pictures are not included in sale, they are for body reference only.

Lower compression seals require special tooling to install and size before installation.

Injector plastic components and o-rings can vary in color from listing pictures.