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Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning - GDI Injectors

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Type: Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning

Vendor: The Injector Shop

Product Description

GDI Fuel Injector Flow Test and Cleaning Service - Reconditioning

$19.50 per injector
Select quantity to number of injectors you are sending
This service is for GDI systems

Service includes:
  • Ohm Test injector coil
  • Leak down testing before and after cleaning
  • Spray Pattern analysis and documentation before and after cleaning
  • Static flow test at 116psi/8 bar* before and after cleaning
  • Dynamic flow test at 116psi/8 bar* 800-6000RPM at 9.6 to 2.2 ms after cleaning only
  • Multiple stage heated ultrasonic cleaning
  • Back flush injector after cleaning
  • Replacement of o-rings, filters, compression seals, and plastic components as available. We do not supply any clamps or intake insulators.
  • Internal lubrication
  • Fully documented flow data sheet
* We test GDI injectors at lower than operating pressures because very honestly we do not have the GDI specific test equipment that can test at operating pressures under specific test parameters. Obvious issues such as leak down, spray patterns, and volume can easily be detected even at lower pressures, and be corrected during ultrasonic cleaning, we simply cannot test and guarantee the injector is operating to OE specification.


The Injector Shop
19407 99th Ave SE
Snohomish WA 98296

Shipping checklist:
  • Remove fuel injectors from fuel rail. Any fuel injectors sent in the rail will incur additional labor and shipping charges, as well as put your injectors at the end of the line.
  • Remove any external grease, oils, and gasoline from injectors than place in seal able plastic bags. We are not responsible for any incoming freight that is leaking or has external fuel odor and rejected/returned by shipper.
  • Make sure to send the injectors complete with the old O-rings and sealing grommets. This is especially important on any modified injectors or swaps.
  • Cylinder numbers can be applied for your records, we do not need them but will sequence our reports to your numbering.
  • Print and fill out the below customer information and include it with the injector shipment.

You will have a choice of return shipping options from us. USPS Priority is the standard rate quoted, and UPS services are also available at checkout. Insurance is available upon your request. Please let us know the dollar value you wish to insure for and we will quote as needed. The Injector Shop is not responsible for lost shipments or damage from any shipping provider.

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Number of injector’s sent:


Current turnaround time:
Injectors will typically be ready for return shipment in 1-2 business days after they are received. Please feel free to contact us and ask our current turnaround time.


The Injector Shop unconditionally guarantees the flow performance of your injectors for 1 year.

The Injector Shop does not place any guarantee on the defect of your injector such as but not limited to electrical issues, internal injector metering component failure, external body leaks, and physical body damage.

Problems with injectors that cannot be fixed by this service:

    • Electrically bad (bad injector coils)
    • External leaks
    • Damaged pintle
    • Fire damage
    • Rust damage
    • Worn metering parts

      Important note:
      Any injectors that are sent in that cannot be serviced for whatever reason will be refunded individually or as a set. If full refund is given because the entire set of injectors is bad than return shipping will be billed to customer or injectors will be disposed of by The Injector Shop.