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GDI Fuel Injectors High Pressure Flow Testing - OEM Test Plans

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Type: Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning

Vendor: The Injector Shop

Product Description

GDI Fuel Injectors
High Pressure Flow Testing
OEM Test Plans

The Injector Shop is proud to provide GDI fuel injectors testing services that utilize precision GDI specific test equipment, unlike most of our competitors that are testing GDI injectors on equipment designed for low pressure port fuel injection systems (ASNU type).

GDI Injectors are safely tested in specialized GDI test equipment at operating pressures typically up to 3000 PSI against OEM test plans utilizing precision measuring devices that measure liquid flow on a shot to shot basis, at actual operating pressure. Testing this way allows for precision measurement under operating conditions that can be digitally analyzed against the OEM flow test plans set by the injector manufacturer. NO GUESSWORK. PERIOD!

Not only do GDI systems run at considerably higher fuel pressures than port injection, GDI fuel injectors operate pulse widths at micro second measurements, where port systems operate at milli second time measurements, and our GDI specific equipment tests at these micro second operational parameters while performing full function load testing.

High Pressure GDI Fuel Injector Flow Testing - The Injector Shop

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Port fuel injector test benches that the majority of our competition use for GDI testing simply cannot do this. This precision testing at actual GDI injector operating conditions allows us the ability to report the injector performance against the OEM injector specific test plan with close to 100% accuracy. This level of accuracy CANNOT be performed at any shop that is testing your GDI injectors on a port fuel injection bench at lower than operating pressure. If you are paying to have your GDI fuel injectors tested on an ASNU or similar port fuel injector flow bench you are getting the operators best guess as to how your injectors are performing....PERIOD!

There is absolutely NO GUESSWORK here at The Injector Shop. Test results are computer generated in a very easy to understand color coded results. Individual test results are provided digitally when complete.

17.95 per injector*
Select quantity to match the number of GDI injectors you are sending

This service includes no service parts, just testing.

Each GDI injector is tested against OEM Injector specific on precision GDI specific precision test equipment.
Check out YouTube test video here

OEM test plans include the following:
  1. Electrical test for coli resistance (Ω) and inductance (µH)
  2. Nozzle leakage test at high pressure
  3. Injector Volume Measurement
    a. Light Load
    b. Part load
    c. Heavy load
    d. Emission load* (*not performed on all test plans)
  4. Dynamic Spray Testing
  5. Real-time oscilloscope testing

*Important note on testing:
Testing will not be performed on any GDI injectors that are dirty with carbon deposits on the nozzle tips. You will be immediately notified that testing cannot be performed without cleaning first. You will have the option of refund and return of your injectors (you will be charged for return freight), or billing for the difference between testing only and full cleaning service. This is done to protect our precision equipment from contamination. No exceptions.


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    Shipping checklist:
    • Remove fuel injectors from fuel rail. Any fuel injectors sent in the rail will incur additional labor and shipping charges, as well as put your injectors at the end of the line.
    • Remove any external grease, oils, and gasoline from injectors than place in seal able plastic bags. We are not responsible for any incoming freight that is leaking or has external fuel odor and rejected/returned by shipper.
    • Make sure to send the injectors complete with the old O-rings and sealing grommets.
    • Cylinder numbers can be applied for your records, we do not need them but will sequence our reports to your numbering.
    • Print and fill out the below customer information and include it with the injector shipment.

    You will have a choice of return shipping options from us. You will also have the option of purchasing additional shipping insurance here. The Injector Shop is not responsible for lost shipments or damage from any shipping provider.

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    Current turnaround time:
    GDI Injectors will typically be ready for return shipment in 2 business days after they are received. Please feel free to contact us and ask our current turnaround time.

    Injectors shown in pictures are typical GDI fuel injectors that we test and service. They are not included in the sale.