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Gasoline Electronic Fuel Injector Cleaning | Flow Testing | Recondition Rebuild Service

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Type: Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning

Vendor: The Injector Shop

Product Description

The Injector Shop

Gasoline Electronic Fuel Injector Reconditioning Service.


The Injector Shop Fuel Injector Flow Test and Reconditioning Service includes the following processes and parts:

  • Heated ultrasonic pre-clean on the injector external body prior to placement in flow bench. This is done to prevent contamination of calibration fluid.
  • Automated electrical inspection of internal injector coil.
  • Pre-cleaning inspection of injector leak down, spray patterns, and volumes. Volumes are tested both static (wide open) and dynamic (pulsed) in varying RPM and millisecond duration's simulating on vehicle operation.
  • Pre-cleaning inspections are recorded for customer records.
  • Injectors are stripped down for heated ultrasonic cleaning. Micro filters, external O-rings, seals, and serviceable plastic components are removed.
  • Injectors are ultrasonically cleaned in a separate heated ultrasonic tank while pulse generated through multiple RPM and millisecond duration's. Injector cleaning solutions are environmentally friendly chemistries that are specially formulated for carbon removal.
  • From the ultrasonic cleaning the injectors are back flushed under pressure to remove any internal debris still around from the cleaning process, and also remove any cleaning fluid material to prevent contamination of calibration fluid.
  • Injector micro filters, external O-rings and seals, and serviceable plastic components are replaced so the injectors can be placed back in the flow bench to inspect for leak down, spray patterns, and volumes. Testing parameters are the same as prior testing for comparison purposes.
  • Flow measurements are recorded for customer records.
  • Injectors are lubricated for short term storage and shipping than individually bagged and boxed for shipping.
  • Free return shipping USPS Priority. Additional expedited service available at additional cost.


Why send your injectors to The Injector Shop?

  1. Life time cleaning (see warranty information)
  2. We have been flow testing and cleaning gasoline fuel injectors since 1990.
  3. Injectors are our primary business, not our sideline.
  4. Extensive database of injector flow rates
  5. Quality programmable computerized flow benches used, not less accurate in-expensive offshore benches (I have one of them so I know what they are and are not capable of)
  6. Price includes seal and filter kit for plug and play operation once you receive your injectors.
  7. Not limited to “top-feed” injectors like many other companies. We can service top-feed, side-feed, and GDI* for the listing price
    *seals are not included in price for GDI
  8. USPS Priority return shipping is standard with expedited options available at competitive pricing


The Injector Shop
19407 99th Ave SE
Snohomish WA 98296

Shipping checklist:

  • Remove fuel injectors from fuel rail. Any fuel injectors sent in the rail will incur additional labor and shipping charges.
  • Remove any external grease, oils, and gasoline from injectors than place in seal able plastic bags. We are not responsible for any incoming freight that is leaking or has external fuel odor and rejected/returned by shipper.
  • Make sure to send the injectors complete with the old O-rings and sealing grommets.
  • Cylinder numbers can be applied for your records, we do not need them but will sequence our reports to your numbering.
  • Print and fill out the below customer information and include it with the injector shipment.


Shipping to us is your responsibility and is not included in the price of this sale. You can choose any shipping method to us that you prefer. USPS Priority is 2-3 days and is reasonably priced. Return shipping is included in the price and is standard with USPS Priority. Expedited return shipping can be selected and paid for at checkout.

Customer Information:


Street Address:

City, State, Zip:

Phone Number:


Vehicle Year:

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model:

Vehicle Engine Size:

Vehicle VIN#:

Number of injector’s sent:

Current turnaround time:

Injectors will be ready for return shipment the next business day they are received. Multiple sets sent in can delay return time depending on the volume of sets sent in.


The Injector Shop unconditionally guarantees the flow performance of your injectors for 1 year and conditionally guarantees the flow performance as long as you own them*. We do not place any guarantee on the defect of your injector such as but not limited to electrical issues, internal injector metering component failure, external body leaks, and physical body damage.
      *after 1 year you will be charged for seal kits and freight only. There is never a charge to flow test or clean as long as you own the injectors. Your receipt must accompany any warranty claim for service.


Problems with injectors that cannot be fixed by this service:

    • Electrically bad (bad injector coils)
    • External leaks
    • Damaged pintle
    • Fire damage
    • Rust damage
    • Worn metering parts

      Important note:
      Any injectors that are sent in that cannot be serviced for whatever reason will be refunded individually or as a set. If full refund is given because the entire set of injectors is bad than return shipping will be billed to customer or injectors will be disposed of by The Injector Shop.