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BMW Index 12 GDI Fuel Injectors Piezo Stack Regeneration

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Type: Fuel Injector Flow Testing and Cleaning

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Product Description

BMW N54 N63 S63 N74
Index 12 GDI Fuel Injectors
Piezo Crystal Stack Regeneration

A critical component to the proper service of BMW N series GDI injectors is Piezo re-stack or regeneration. Regeneration of the Piezo crystal stack is performed to restore the Piezo stack to OEM sizes and performance. Piezo stacks commonly expand, or become larger, due to continuous low speed driving. This expansion of the Piezo stack leads to slower injector response times and reduced overall flow. Slow response times and lower flow rates result in poor idle qualities and drops in performance under high engine demands. Our equipment has the capability to deliver varying pressure, heat and voltages to replicate the conditions the injector was designed to operate under. This process restores the Piezo crystal stack to it's OEM size and function.

Piezo regeneration is optional on our BMW index 12 servicing but is HIGHLY recommended to restore the Piezo stack to OEM conditions, especially when buying used injectors that have not been installed and run in your vehicle.

Index 12 Piezo regeneration is not a stand alone service and must be purchased with index 12 injector cleaning and testing.