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New name coming soon!

Posted by Scott Fleenor on


Hello to all my current and future customers. I'm blogging today about the upcoming name change to the brand of parts sold and distributed by The Injector Shop.

Very soon all rebuild kits, injector components, and fuel injectors will be sold by The Injector Shop under the brand name Theiscom. Some might ask why the change, and in the spirit of complete transparency, the answer is simple. We are making this change in an effort to protect our good name and our valued customers from the low life pirates that attach themselves to our online listings and sell injector components to unsuspecting customers as if they were buying The Injector Shop components. We have applied for, and will soon receive a registered brand from the USPTO for the brand name Theiscom. All our offerings across multiple platforms will all change to this brand name over the next several months.

Change is often not fun or can be very difficult, but I do not believe for a minute that this change will negatively effect my valued customers or our business. Quite the opposite as this change will only enhance the brands quality, and our company's ability to provide the best products for our customers.

If you are a current customer I would like to end this blog with a very large THANK YOU. If you are a new customer looking for a supplier of quality injector components from a company dedicated to customer service, honesty, safety , and have found it!

We look forward to this evolution.....peace!


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